Wednesday, September 11, 2013

// Pre-occupied or just un-interested?

With the shock waves of the election only just beginning, Australians have once again demonstrated to me our ability to be so entrenched in something whilst simultaneously disengaging all together from everything irrelevant in their personal lives. How are we so fickle? It seems all of social media is slamming the Abbott government election result.... yet only approximately 32% of young people actually voted. COME ON GUYS!! If you complain about the result and didn't vote then you shouldn't be complaining. Meanwhile, as memes and doomsday predictions surface throughout the internet there seems to be no knowledge of anything other than a few condensed issues. Where is the interest regarding the chemical weapons crisis in Syria? Every newspaper in the US and Britain is headlining Obama's speech on the situation - yet a quick survey of 10 university students found that only 1/3 actually knew anything about it. Is this a flaw in our media outlets or just a lack of interest in the rest of the world? I'd say the latter. Checking a number of online Australian news websites I found that there was no shortage of information on the Syria problem.... Where do young people go for news these days?

It seems to me that issues deemed important by society are those that go viral on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr; not necessarily the most important issues. Do you agree? So far by looking at my newsfeed the most important issue seems to be speculation that the Abbott government has already started (??) dredging of the Great Barrier Reef for mining. An issue I'm passionate about yes, and unbelievable if true, but I can't seem to find any backing evidence, especially considering the coalition government isn't even in power yet so can't actually allow this to happen. People are gullible.

On the other hand, the power of social perception (mmmmhmmmm.... liking something to make you seem cooler) on social media has led to a wonderful petition urging Tony Abbott to re-think his godawful national broadband plan.

Buuuuutttttt..... back to the main point: Stop being lazy guys and if you didn't vote then you have NO right to complain. However badly I personally think this election went, there are some gems beneath the dust: the Greens have won more seats than ever before, and the new Labor party consists only of members who have held the trust of their electorates. We have the power as the people for a new government to listen to us. As much as I dislike the Liberal policies, it is a chance for us young people to band together and fight, fight for once in our life for something we believe in. It's happening already with the NBN petition and I can see it going further. The election has made us angry, and if we can learn anything from history it's that angry young people make things happen.

Monday, September 2, 2013

// Double standards + Social media (OR here is me sounding like an insane feminist)

If we are living in a society that believes in equality (we aren't), that believes in free expression (we aren't) and practices sexual freedom then why did Miley Cyrus get the reaction that she did following the VMAS performance? It's a question that I'd say most people could answer easily. They tell me she is a slut, she's changed, she's a whore, she's trashy, she has no morals anymore... that her father would be disappointed of, that children shouldn't be allowed to watch.... But why? Why have we come so far yet so completely backwards in some aspect of our lives. The topic has been tirelessly overdone, and I'm sick to death about it popping up everywhere, but I personally think that my opinion is right (hehe) and needs to be heard. That performance was raunchy, yes, and it was a little uncharacteristic of a former Miss Hannah Montana, but does that give every single person in the world the right to comment on the state of the poor girls ass? Why no one has kicked up a fuss and demanded her male companion, Robin Thicke be formally taken off the airways for his horrendous (may I add, chart topping) song regarding 'blurred lines' and advocating a rape culture already imbedded into western society. It's disgusting the way such a large group of people, starting on Twitter and following to Facebook are influencing the subtle opinions of so many others as they indirectly assume what is right, and what is not right in terms of gender roles. So what she wore underwear and sang a song about partying? Hasn't Madonna already done that... in THE 80'S? Doesn't Lady Gaga regularly create discussion with her extravagant (or lack thereof) costuming? We all know performers these days are all about creating impact, and costume's are all about bringing that extra element to the show. It was her decision to do what she did, and we can criticise all we like on her lyrics, her celebrity lifestyle, and even her decision to perform the song at the said event, however no person has the right to insult her for being free. Performing a song with raunchy dance moves is no crime, yet it seems the whole world is up in arms about it. (Beyonce has never made headlines like this but I can assure you that some of her dance moves are just as sexual). 

What I'm trying to convey is pretty much I hate the way our society has used social media to create a ball rolling affect that promotes such sheep like behaviour. Has no one realised the double standards presented in this case of Miley vs Robin Thicke? He physically disgusts me, and I'd rather listen to fingernails on a chalkboard than his horrific song. Maybe he would disagree, but the message I get from that song, and the accompanying NSFW film clip is one of rape and male supremacy. When did it ever become ok for a song in the Top 40 advocate for SEXUAL OBJECTIFICATION and PRIMAL DESIRE regarding the wills of women! Oh wait....

Let Miley be, and if you must complain, don't complain about her bum being flabby and her costume too see through because if that's all you got from the VMA's performance, then I'm just going to go ahead and assume you are 80 years old and probably still living in 1953. Where did the sisterhood code go? Us women need to stick together, and instead of insulting other women all the time, we should band together and get something done. Until you have the balls to get up in front of millions of people and perform an act, quite willing to accept the controversy following then you can just sit right back down my friend, and continue tweeting about how much you can't wait to start working on your bikini bod. 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

// A month in pictures


Blackheath lookout, Alfie & Hetties (Glebe) bathroom decorations, Reuben Hills café (Surry Hills, make sure to try the salted caramel thickshake!) Wholefood Café (Bathurst) french toast, midnight snow on the side of the highway, Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival, MarketHQ Show, final walk at MarketHQ show, The Grounds (Alexandria) smashed avo on toast, sights around The Grounds

// Change of URL

Hey everyone! So.... my old email address somehow got hacked, or maybe I just forgot my password and any way I can't access it. Therefore, I can't access the old blog. So, this is my new blog!!!! is the new url, so bookmark that ladies and gents and we can all start a'fresh :)
(I've got a few of the old posts up here still though, so it doesn't look so empty)

// Ode to Julia

Put your hands up if you've read enough political opinion pieces in the last 24 hours to last you a lifetime... Now put those hands right back down and read one last one. As controversial and un-interesting politics may seem to you, nobody can deny it impacts our lives. Politics can make or break a country, and as we've seen over the past few years, Australian politics can be more interesting than a soap opera. Deception, betrayal... what's not to love! But by not having an opinion then what's the point in living in a democracy?
I want to front my voice on the Rudd/Gillard/Labor affair which unfolded last night. I've always had admiration towards Julia Gillard, and I think she has done amazing things not only for Australian people, but also for women on the whole. However, the way she has been treated, by both the media circus and her own party appals me. As a self proclaimed and proud feminist it saddens me to see such obvious mistreatment of a woman who is meant to be a role model and figurehead representing Australia. Whether you are a Labor supporter, or vote for the Sex Party - it is hard to contradict Ms. Gillard's fierce determination and strength. I commend her efforts in parliament, and the legislation she passed, especially the NDIS and her determination towards better education, but most of all I want to farewell her as a leader.
She was not perfect, as no leader ever is, and I didn't agree with all her policies. However, I have always admired her courage to take on a room full of some of the most pig headed and sexist men in the country. She stood for what she believed, and was an example to every young and old woman that it is possible to get to the top. Although getting to the top may be the worst decision a woman could ever make... The abuse and criticism she suffered throughout her time as Prime Minister, especially regarding appearance and gender stereotypes (may I remind you of the recent 'knitting drama' just a few days ago - who cares if she likes to knit!! Good for her!!) was absolutely unacceptable.
I'm not saying that her status as a woman had everything to do with her political career; what I'm saying is that that was how she was portrayed, therefore making it into a waaaaay bigger deal than necessary.
When will the time come for Australians to grow up and move on...
History will judge her very differently to how we have seen her during her term, and I think that the decision to remove her as Prime Minister will crush the Labor party to its knees. Rudd is honestly half of what Julia was. Sure he posts funny Twitter remarks, and Supré made shirts about his Kevin 07 campaign, but you can't deny he's an embarrassment to Australia ~unpopular opinion, yes?~ . Check out this article for a few chuckles, and some interesting thoughts from Anne Summers.
No Prime Minister should ever have the mistreatment and humiliation that Gillard suffered from the Australian public - after all, she's just a woman trying to do her job. In the end it's just a shame for the Labor party and a win for Tony Abbott. And anything that's a win for Tony Abbott is a knife through my heart.

// Winter Magic

This post is slightly delayed, but none the less still important! Last weekend I trekked up the Blue Mountains to Katoomba for their annual Winter Magic Festival. Filled with mountainous vibes, lots of groovy music and beer in plastic cups it was a Saturday I very much enjoyed. I love Katoomba and its people - everyone has their own thing going on and there's a place for every walk of life. The streets were alive and filled with smiling faces, despite the drizzle and cold winds, and the shops kept me  (and my wallet) entertained! I left with a full belly, a Nepalese blanket and good spirits. A trip to the historic Carrington Hotel is a must when visiting Katoomba, and is perfect for a bit of weather relief and a nice warm drink.

// Anne Landa Award 2013

The 2013 Anne Landa Award recipient was Angela Mesiti with her work Citizens Band. I went to take a squiz at the exhibition which housed both the winner as well as a number of alternative pieces in the exhibition The Space Between Us at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. The exhibition explored the relationship between video as a medium and its subsequent performance counterpart. I thoroughly enjoyed the minimal number of works - as it allowed for me to enjoy each one in detail. Mesiti's multi-screen artwork Citizens Band was definitely my favourite. She captured the diversity of four different people and somehow managed to keep her audience engaged with such a simple concept and presentation. Her work showed four people, on separate screens, each showcasing a musical ability in turn. Each musician was situated in their place of birth, starting with a Paris pool, and ending with a Brisbane cab. The presentation of the artwork allowed for complete immersion - putting you, as the audience, in the moment and forging a connection between the visual display and the emotions of the audience.

Unfortunately none of the photos I took inside the room housing Mesiti's work turned out - but here are a couple of snaps from the exhibition.

// Breakfast at Bronte

Yesterday I woke up to a beautiful morning in Bronte, followed by an amazing breakfast at Three Blue Ducks. I had the quinoa, black rice and triticale porridge with yogurt, honey and poached fruit. The tang of rhubarb contrasted with the smooth yogurt and textured porridge was not only incredibly filling,  but so so delicious! Combined with a berry smoothie and great company it was a late breakfast I'll be thinking about for a while to come. I'd heard a lot about Three Blue Ducks from friends and family but had never tried it myself... I'm glad I did and will definitely be returning. 5/5 for this one! 

// Jennis Li Cheng Tien

// Intro

Hi there! So, this is my first time on blogger (a bit late on the bandwagon, I know...) so bear with me here because it's all a bit novel! Through this site I'd really love to share some bits and pieces of my life and my writing, hopefully adding some contributions here n there by many a cool and educated people! I'll try and commentate on some current things that I'm loving/hating/listening/talking about, as well as having posts about my daily life and awesome stuff I'm doing. Lets see how it goes, and I hope you can enjoy the journey with me. Francesca